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Focus RS 500 Club

So for those who do not know... Ford has a variety of different levels of there Focus range, from a standard Studio to 3 alternative entries of ST and then the RS range.

The RS Range being the creme a la creme... From the RS range Ford decided to build a mother of all Focus RS's range called the RS500. Named after the amount that was put into production.

These cars had modified parts, bodykits, wrapped bodywork etc... Only 500 were made for the whole entire world! bearing in mind in 2012 over 60 million cars were built in a single year! and in the UK alone we have over 40 million cars on our streets.

So have to 3 here at Blueprint Nottingham at the sametime is amazing...

We de-wrapped one of them to it's original Gloss black finish, re-wrapped another in Pearliscent white and re-wrapped the other in it's original satin matte black vinyl.

What a sight.... does my rear look big in this wrap dear?